We’ve launched the OpenIOLabs platform

More information:  http://www.openiolabs.co.uk/

Following a fantastic, successful but exhausting few days at PittCon 2016, we’re proud to announce the official launch of the OpenIOLabs platform.

With orders already coming in, it’s great to see the level of interest we’re getting from a broad spectrum of academic and industrial experts.
These are people at the forefront of their fields, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in terms of efficiency, accuracy and control.

OpenIOLabs is go!

The development of the OpenIOLabs platform came as a result of our years of professional frustration with what we saw as a fundamental disconnect between hardware, software and the people in charge of developing it all.

Now, we’ve made it possible to monitor and control all your hardware from just one command environment, our versatile GUI interface.

Whether you’re gathering results in the lab or putting scientific findings into practice with complex automated industrial processes, we’re confident that we’ve created a flexible means of streamlining it all, with endless scope for innovation.

OpenIOLabs is:

  • A range of IOI interfaces. More than just hardware connectors, these clever boxes contain processing power in their own right. This lets you move processing and analysis capability anywhere you like within your system, unlocking greater control than ever before.
  • Our open source programming metalanguage. ScriptML translates functionality between coding languages, allowing you to work in whatever language you choose without needing to learn another for the sake of performing one function.

Who’s using OpenIOLabs?

The OpenIOLabs platfom can perform a huge array of functions to meet the needs of any research environment or industrial setting by making any two pieces of equipment interact seamlessly with one another.

The added bonus is that this eliminates vendor lock-in. You’re no longer a slave to one particular hardware developer, you can pick the right tool for every job and be confident that all your equipment will work in harmony.

Those benefitting from the OpenIOLabs platform include…

  • Plant biologists 3D imaging multiple plants as they grow.
  • Lab technicians combining topographical SICM and functional confocal microscope information.
  • Microscopists conducting scanning ion-conductance microscopy pioneering experiment-specific scans.

Join the OpenIOLabs community

Best of all, our users become part of our online open source community. Now is the time to join the forum and begin discussing your big ideas for the platform.

We believe that amazing things happen where innovation meets collaboration. With that in mind, we decided early on to fully encourage users to share their OpenIO creations with each other to explore everything that can be achieved with this powerful new platform.

What will you create using OpenIOLabs? Get in touch, leave a comment and be sure to log into the forums to see what fresh new ideas people are coming up with to make their research and industrial environments more dynamic than ever!

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