The advantages of vendor neutrality

Vendor neutrality has the obvious advantages of allowing you to use equipment from different manufacturers seamlessly – but what extended benefits does it offer? Whether you are working in industrial automation or on a research project, a vendor neutral set up can help you work better in a number of ways.

Time saving efficiencies
Having a system that allows you to manage and monitor devices from one single screen has clear efficiencies. Spending less time switching from screen to screen or device to device means you can optimise your efforts. You’re able to spend less time on admin and set up and more time improving your processes.

You have a secure system that you are able to manage quickly and efficiently, so now it is time to use these benefits across your project team or organisation. Vendor neutral systems allow for better information sharing, for example communicating the current and expected statuses of assets.

Competitive advantage
Why wait for hardware to be available from one supplier? Take advantages of innovations from any supplier and buy the latest equipment without worrying about compatibility options. You’re able to use the best technology as soon as it becomes available.

If your operation demands different equipment a vendor neutral setup can handle it. Swap, add and remove hardware, as you require it, a system like OpenIOLabs has the data space and prognostic capability to add devices out of the box.

Better data management
Experiments, hardware and industrial processes all create vast amounts of data, which needs to be sorted, stored and actioned. By utilising a centralised and vendor neutral system you are able to manage data in just one place. This reduces network load, saves time and prevents closed control loops. Share and manage data regardless of protocol, database structure or languages.

By using devices together you are able to monitor them at the same time, and this offers security benefits too. Devices don’t sit idle whilst you work on others, and your centralised software can alert you to security breaches in real time.

A system like OpenIOLabs allows you to code with one language, which it then translates to talk to other devices. You spend less time learning languages and more time on the one you are comfortable with. This results in a more secure setup and fewer mistakes.

One of the key aims of the OpenIOLabs system is to harness the advantages of vendor neutrality, and help academia and industry break down barriers with it. One piece of software decodes any coding language and helps you work seamlessly with different devices, no matter what you need to use. Find out more about OpenIOLabs or join our beta testing community.

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