Know your marketplace

I enjoy working with teams who have deep operational knowledge of their market. While others focus on devices, AbedGraham focuses on workflow and outcomes. It is a new way of thinking about cybersecurity. By considering how a cyber attack will impact patient safety and operations, the CCOM2 system provides relevant and actionable information. In this […]

How to create an ecosystem to grow open source hardware

A recent paper co-authored by Microsoft Research and the University of Wisconsin has given us food for thought, and fired us up to encourage more people to develop the open source hardware system. Software has flourished due to open source innovations, but where is hardware? It’s behind, in 2013 software startups attracted fifteen times more […]

Five steps to developing the OSH ecosystem

Thoughts on: Open Source Hardware: Opportunities and Challenges, June 2016 Five steps to developing the OSH ecosystem The paper defines five steps required to develop the OSH ecosystem, briefly they are: Encourage individuals to contribute towards platforms and provide necessary design flows Make hardware design practical via easily available EDA tools and development platforms from […]