Scalable Telescope Design

Available as plans as a self build or as a complete instrument.

The parametric design scales from primary mirror diameters of 100mm to 300mm and larger.

The design includes a ‘push to’ sensor system which allows the user to see, and share where the telescope is pointing via a wireless interface. It has the potential to accommodate autonomous operations with motor drives and imaging.

The optical design is a simple Newtonian optical tube mounted in a sliding frame which keeps the tube in balance given different oculars or prime mirrors. The stand folds for transport and includes wheels allowing “one hand” field transport.

Plan and code are available on github. The instrument can be manufactured using 3D printers, laser cutters, mills and lathe. The open source design software FreeCAD is being used for mechanical and optical design, Python for code and Stellarium for integration with astronomical models and pointing. Control hardware is Raspberry Pi Pico, with Arduino as an option.

To discuss a custom build email: