Comment on: Rules for bringing AI into the classroom

from the FT 16 Aug 2021:

This is a good idea and an approach that adds value in several ways. 

There seems to be quite a lot of effort spent on trying to make so called artificial intelligence systems autonomous with the objective of replacing an alternative.  However, by focusing on specific tasks and functional objectives, the quality of a skilled person’s work could be improved with better information.  An “AI” system which provides information and facilitation does not have need for all the protections and safeguards required in a system indented to execute a task directly.   An “AI” tool augmenting the judgement of both teacher and student could suggest alternative approaches, better examples, provide comparisons and visibility of both failure and success modes.    
Teacher is the most skilled occupation in any society.  Indeed, if they are not the most skilled themselves, they help create the most skilled.   Giving teachers the best tools just makes sense.

 Invest in intelligence.  

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