Creativity is not a passive activity.

Creativity is not a passive activity.

It is a wonderful time to be involved in technology. I mean technology in a very broad sense, that is the way some objective is accomplished. It can be a tool or gadget an approach or methodology or even a way or organising a set of components.

The proliferation of cheap means of digitalising and distributing information means a wealth of ‘how others did it’ is available in seconds. Manufacturing and sophisticated logistics bring physical tools to try, test, sometime to destruction, is both quick and economical.

Barriers to a try it and see approach have fallen. Which means more people can try more, this in turn means that more unexpected things happen. Most of this will be classified, if thought about at all, as wasted effort. But an increase in over all activity will also increase the occurrences of  the good ideas.

Moreover, the easy of recording and sharing stories has resulted in an avalanche of websites where the novice and master can find inspiration, guidance and even collaborators.

There are very few excuses for not getting out and trying new things.